Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Importance Of CRM

Competition in CRM, driven by globalization and the internet has turned things around.

Customers have a variety of choices and most importantly, they have become more knowledgeable and demanding.

It is no myth that they are King.

With this scenario, enterprises have realized that it is not just enough to satisfy and delight them but also build genuine relationships in a way that would benefit them.

Customer Relationship Management CRM initiatives are designed with the goal of meeting Customer expectations and needs in order to achieve maximum Customer lifetime value and return to the enterprise.

The use of Customer Relationship Management products, CRM software and CRM solutions will enhance the effective implementation of CRM in an organization.

There are CRM success stories, but success in a Customer Relationship Management CRM implementation may best be measured by the restraint an organization shows in its goals and expectations.

By understanding the roles and benefits of IT as a CRM enabler, you"ll learn best practices for deploying information technology in a controlled manner within a cohesive, enterprise-wide architecture.

By providing the means to manage and coordinate Customer interactions, Customer Relationship Management CRM technology helps enterprises maximize the value of every Customer interaction and in turn drive improved corporate performance.

Putting all Customer Relationship Management CRM facets into one coherent, organized presentation to the Customer could require the services of a systems integrator.

It would most certainly require training everyone from webmasters to call center workers to field sales technicians.

The need to better understand Customer behavior and focus on those Customers who can deliver long-term profits has changed how marketers view the world.

S. Maurer is a 53-years old college graduated IT professional, with 30 years of experience in the computer & technology business. Now is the Correspondence Courses Director of Other languages in .

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CRM On-Demand Is In Demand

There are many factors involved in this significant shift from the traditional software purchase and implementation to the On-Demand offerings from companies like, Microsoft, and Siebel. For the larger enterprise user, there may be implementation fatigue, from the long, drawn-out and expensive projects from the late 1990's and early 2000's. For the small and mid-market business, the elimination of the traditional software purchase and the need for less internal resources and infrastructure is very attractive. The increased bandwidth and dependability of the "pipe" and increased speed have also contributed to the acceptance of the On-Demand CRM Solutions.

Advantages of On-Demand CRM The initial hesitancy for On-Demand Solutions when they were introduced in the marketplace has been replaced with a general acceptance and understanding of the advantages of this type of solution. The advantages included:

Replacement of large Software Purchase with a monthly subscription charge - The On-Demand model is based on a monthly subscription charge per user. This allows a company to extend the software component cost of a CRM implementation over a period of time and eliminates the yearly support & maintenance fees of a traditional software product.

Flexible Pricing, Licensing, and Scalability - Some of the On-Demand vendors provide flexible pricing, allowing you to choose and pay for the functionality and services you need. You pay for the number of licenses you need with the flexibility of added users when necessary. The leading On-Demand CRM vendors have invested in significant infrastructure and have the ability to provide services to enterprise organizations.

Decrease in Hardware Requirements and Support - With a traditional CRM software implementation, you need to make sure you have the appropriate servers, workstations, operating systems, database, and network infrastructure to properly run and support your system. With an On-Demand solution, the costs and support are significantly reduced. As long as you have Internet access, you are able to use your CRM service.

Decrease in IT Support Staff - You need an IT Support Staff with various skills to maintain a CRM Software System. As noted above, as long as you have Internet access, you are able to access and use your On-Demand CRM system. Your IT support costs are reduced significantly.

Elimination of Costly Upgrade Charges - With a traditional CRM software solution, you can expect a major software upgrade every 12-18 months. Depending on your existing solution, the upgrade can be time consuming and expensive. The On-Demand Solutions provide the upgrades as part of your monthly service fee.

Remote Management - The beauty of an On-Demand solution is access from anywhere at anytime as long as you have Internet access. This allows the System Manager to remotely monitor and support the system.

Faster and Easier Deployment - On-Demand solutions eliminates the need to load software on any computer, allowing for faster and easier deployment. It allows the end-users to concentrate on the solution.

Good Solution for Distributed Offices - Distributed offices and users adds complexity to a typical CRM software solution. This is eliminated with an On-Demand solution, giving every office and every user access around the world to the same database.

General ease of use - On-Demand Solutions have been designed specifically for the Internet, providing general ease of use and navigation.

Availability of Good Mobile Solutions - With the improvement and reliability of wireless technology, you have access to excellent mobile solutions for On-Demand services using Blackberry? or Palm? Treo?.

Security and Backup Services - In order to provide a secure and reliable service offering, an On-Demand vendor has to provide the highest level of security and data back-up services. In some cases, you may find their service in these two areas superior to the security and back-up system in your own organization.

On-line Training - As part of the monthly service fee, some On-Demand vendors provide free on-line training. This can be a significant cost saving compared to the traditional classroom training.

Significant Third Party Add-ons and Web Services - As the On-Demand offerings continue to grow and gain acceptance by companies, significant third party add-on offerings have become available to meet various needs including integration, extended sales methodologies, and email fulfillment, to name a few.

Integration Capabilities - Some of the On-Demand Solutions are highly customizable and easily integrated to existing corporate backend systems.

Summary It has take a few years for On-Demand CRM Solutions to find it's place and acceptance in the marketplace. The improvement and reliability of the Internet, faster deployment, easier support, improvement in the functionality, and integration capabilities have fueled rapid growth. But, hold on, this is just the beginning!

David Cowgill is a Senior Marketing Manager in San Francisco. His coverage area focuses on the technologies that facilitate managing CRM analytics and lead generation.

For further information contact: David Cowgill CRM Blog Founder

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mobile CRM - It's Here Now

Today?s workforce is truly mobile. Most of us now work at the office, from home and on the road. ?On demand access? to critical customer information from anywhere is becoming a ?must have? facility.

Now customers demand CRM access using a remote desktop or laptop accessing data through the Internet or on a handheld device. Suppliers are expected to have all the information at their fingertips at the moment of interaction. The same insight into their business and affairs are expected in a one-to-one meeting is expected when they phone into a call centre.

Remote access is a genuinely useful tool that can help your company to reduce duplicate entry, administration time, travelling time and costs for remote workers. It will also enable you to improve your customer service, and improve the quality and usefulness of data input.

Staff want the technology. Surveys have shown that sales management and field representatives both felt strongly that providing PDA access to CRM systems would drive increase productivity of the sales force. Eighty-three percent of sales representatives felt that a PDA sales solution would make them more productive in the field and 90% said they would use their CRM system more if they had handheld mobile access. Sales management agreed: 82% believe PDA access for sales representatives would drive field usage of CRM and 91% believe mobile CRM software on PDAs will become an important sales tool for their organization.

Two factors have stopped many companies from adopting mobile technology to improve their business functions. Firstly, companies are just inexperienced when it comes to applying mobile technologies. Secondly, even though it is not true, companies percieve the cost associated with mobile solutions to be greater than the benefits gained because they can't immediately identify how to apply mobile data to improve competitive capability. A mobile data delivery solution must be cost effective and allow organisations to experiment with mobile technologies and to gain insight on how to gain a competitive edge from the technology.

It should have the following:

* Access to information from any remote location covered by a mobile network.

* Low start-up costs allowing development of mobile strategies through experiments.

* Simplified user interface making it easy to administer data.

* Quick search and find.

Success can be measured by:

* Improved cycle times in providing a customer with accurate information.

* Efficiency increases for buyers and sales people free them to focus on developing key account relationships

* Empowered sales people and buyers with information when they enter negotiations through remote access to data

* Allowing management to be up to date with information where ever they are engaging with suppliers, customers, partners or shareholders.

* Experiments with mobile strategies to define ways of improving current business processes and prepare for new wireless technologies that will reshape the business environment.

Thanks to broadband and 3G technology this is no longer just the preserve of large companies. Now SMEs can also use the web and PDAs to access their CRM systems remotely giving benefits such as:

* Accessing important account contact and history information
* Updating account information
* Cultivating stronger sales relationships
* Improving customer service
* Scheduling activities and appointments

Richard Hill is a Director of E-CRM Solutions, that specialises in CRM, direct and internet marketing [] for SMEs. He is non-executive Chairman of Innovantage [] a business intelligence company and a non-executive director of Innovecom [] a computer networking company.

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CRM Help Gain Loyal Customers

CRM Help Gain Loyal Customers

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By S. Maurer

Customer Relationship Management CRM Configurators - These applications are often very sophisticated and are used in situations where the product or service has many configuration options that impact design, performance, and cost.

According to the Giga Information Group, enterprises spend $3,5bn [$2,2bn] annually on Customer Relationship Management CRM software alone, plus three to five times that sum on related implementation, integration, and training issues.

According to manufacture research, it is 10 times more expensive to pursue fresh customers than to sell to existing ones.

CRM can help gain a greater share of a loyal Customer's business/services/manufacturing.

Establishing a strategy for change management, communicating those changes and driven benefits upfront, providing sufficient and continuous training, and above all monitoring results are winning components to help you achieve real ROI with your Customer Relationship Management CRM implementation.

CRM data integrity starts from data collection and leads all other steps back to the relationship with the Customer.

Customer Relationship Management CRM Opportunity Management - Helps sales people to focus on moving sales opportunities to completion.

CRM analytics software has been improving, thus increasing the ability to extract and analyze dates as regards Customer value and transaction profitability.

Effective CRM initiatives utilize enterprise software as an integral part of a successful strategy.

Customer Relationship Management CRM improvement is measurable and discernable - It is not hidden in vague notions and concepts.

S. Maurer is a 53-years old college graduated IT professional, with 30 years of experience in the computer & technology business. Now is the Correspondence Courses Director of the Abet Open University: and

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Monday, October 5, 2009

CRM the Way the Customer Wants

CRM the Way the Customer Wants

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By S. Maurer

CRM applications can enable effective Customer Relationship Management, provided that an enterprise has the right leadership, strategy, and culture.

CRM analytics software has been improving, thus increasing the ability to extract and analyze dates as regards Customer value and transaction profitability.

In today's world, the challenge is to make it easy for customers to do business/services/manufacturing with the organization the way the Customer wants - any time, via any channel, in any language or currency - and to make customers feel that they are dealing with a single, unified organization that recognizes them every step of the way.

Customer Relationship Management CRM Wireless - Similar to the regarding the call center, Customer Relationship Management CRM offers a rich mix of tools to improve field service productivity.

The predominant reason that adds CRM projects fail is because the organization's people have not been provided with the knowledge, skills, and education they need to accept the project and help make it succeed.

Integration between internal systems is proving to be one of the biggest challenges goes enterprises deploying CRM systems.

Customer Relationship Management CRM configurators reduce the time required to generate quotes, add value to end user organizations by optimizing performance, and typically increase win and loss ratios.

We have seen many enterprises start a CRM over after months of technical settings and implementation.

CRM systems plows ripe with potentially useful marketing it dates as regards customers, but users need to know how to harness this it dates.

S. Maurer is a 53-years old college graduated IT professional, with 30 years of experience in the computer & technology business. Now is the Correspondence Courses Director of the Abet Open University: and

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CRM: The Customer is the Only Boss

CRM: The Customer is the Only Boss

Publishing Guidelines: You may publish my article in your newsletter, on your website or in your print publication provided you include the resource box at the end. Notification would be appreciated but is not required.

By S. Maurer

Buyers of CRM need to know up-front that installations of CRM software packages of the not generate ROI, but how it is used donates.

Too many vendors and buyers focus on tangibles that plows very difficult to measure, especially over the short term.

There is only one boss: the Customer.

And he can fire everybody in the enterprise, from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.

Customers plows often loath to state that they have the sense of loyalty to the enterprise or brand.

Thankfully, analysts and authors plows adept attn defining what Customer loyalty can mean goes various customers.

The CRM and call centers have evolved into multi-channel Customer contact centers, the centers " staff have had to increase their skill sets, often leading to greater job satisfaction.

Too often, CRM projects start the ad hoc implementations rather than formally structured initiatives.

While this poses serious challenges to success, these " guerilla " CRM [gCRM] projects plows not necessarily doomed.

It is difficult to state precisely what Customer Relationship Management CRM means to everyone.

Ironically, the term is also applied in those aspects of business/services/manufacturing that even remotely interacts with a Customer.

Understanding the concept of CRM will help in decisions relating Customer Relationship Management product, CRM software and CRM solutions.

Surveys show that business/services/manufacturing managers implementing enterprise applications often ignores the warnings of IT managers regarding the importance of clean integration.

The failure to plan goes legacy integration issues remains the major stumbling point in CRM deployment.

Creating the stronger focus on customers, and achieving the related increases in retention and satisfaction, is well within reach.

Who are your best customers? What can you do to retain them? How can you attract others like them? How can you improve the profitability of all your customers? With tight budgets and demanding revenue targets, questions like these are increasingly urgent.

S. Maurer is a 53-years old college graduated IT professional, with 30 years of experience in the computer & technology business. Now is the Correspondence Courses Director of the Abet Open University: and

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What You Need To Know To Negotiate A Great CRM Software Deal

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are a growing source of revenue for software vendors of all sizes. Many enterprise software vendors have found that the market for enterprise software has become saturated. At the same time, SMB?s have increased their investment in technology to satisfy customer demands, control costs, and meet new government regulations.

These market dynamics have resulted in CRM vendors offering CRM software solutions that are better suited and priced for the SMB market.

While SMB?s today have the opportunity to improve their competitive edge with top notch CRM software, they also encounter complex software evaluations and sophisticated contract negotiations.

Outlined below are ten insider tips to negotiating a better deal with your CRM software vendor.

1) Do an RFP - Protect Yourself from Overbuying

2) Workd with atleast 2 Credible Vendors - Don?t Narrow Contenders too Fast

3) Consider the Entire Package - Hardware, Software, Maintenance, and More

4) Negotiate Future Expenses - Limit Fee Increases

5) Clarify the Fine Print - Define Usage Rights

6) Do Your Research - Use all the Available Free Research Tools

7) Serve as a Reference - Your Endorsement is Gold

8) Beef-up Your Deal Negotiation Skills - Win Against Polished Sales Pros

9) Negotiate the Hidden Costs of Hosted CRM Solutions - Uncover the True Cost

10) Think Ahead - Lock in Price Discounts

You should know your advantages before negotiating with a CRM software vendor. Market dynamics have created an ideal CRM software buying opportunity for small and mid-size businesses. SMB?s have access to better software solutions, at better prices, than ever before.

In today?s competitive market, CRM vendors are willing to negotiate. As you enter into negotiations use the tips and don?t forget?your vendor?s sales plan depends on revenue from companies just like yours.

To download the entire white paper, please visit our site using the link below. is a FREE resource that helps you with CRM Software Evaluation. Please visit CRM Software Negotiation to download the complete white paper.

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