Monday, February 23, 2009

Call Center CRM Solutions

Call centers are offices that make use of phone facilities to assist client companies engaged in fields as diverse as healthcare, education, law and market research. As the call centers function round the clock, and its employees communicate with customers in a completely virtual environment, the risk of getting stressed out is great. Like any employer, call centers too are expected to keep their employees happy. Only if they are happy can they make the customer at the other end of the phone line happy. Moreover, the sustenance and reputation of a call center depends basically on its relationship with customer companies. Hence call centers view Customer Relationship Management [CRM] as a top priority area and offer a wide range of in-house CRM consulting services. This is seen to increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

An effective CRM program trains the call center employees on a consistent basis to build a good and everlasting relationship with the customer [companies]. Before developing CRM programs, call centers make use of the knowledge and understanding of their employees about customer requirements. Based on this, they develop modules and train them to use a wide variety of information and communication technology tools to accomplish a strong relationship with their customer companies.

An effective in-house CRM will ensure that the call center?s business functions make both the employees and customers happy and comfortable as members of a cohesive team.

One of the most important objectives of using CRM is to make the call center more profitable, reputable and sustainable in today?s highly competitive global market.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CRM Business Solutions

Customers and clients are the most important factor in any kind of business. Therefore, taking care of customers or clients has been a major area of concern, as it is related to the whole area of work ? the more the customers and clients are happy, the more products and services they will buy. However, CRM entails all aspects of interaction a company has with its customers, whether in sales or services. Therefore, the implementation of the CRM strategies has become a key issue of concern for companies. CRM solutions have gained enormous importance over the years, as they have the capacity to manipulate and change consumer behavior and buying patterns.

Computerization and the implementation of recent communication systems have changed the way companies are approaching their CRM strategies. With the big bang of information technology across the world, especially the proliferation of self-service and self-catered ones, there is a great flourish in the whole process of CRM solutions.

Nevertheless, CRM business solutions are meant to get more out of their sales forces. The sales are going to automatically increase once the business develops a good rapport with its customers. Not only this, the rapport will improve the company?s business interests. Various companies use business-oriented CRM software. But it is often found that most of them are not used by the business solutions.

For a business to flourish using CRM strategies, one should always go for tested CRM software, because unused software is a waste of money. However, some of the steps that contribute to the ideal CRM business solutions are: managing contracts, managing cases, managing the knowledge base and taste of the customer, case routing and using queues, patiently examining and listening to the customer about the needs and requirements, taking care of contracts and such other topics.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CRM Call Center Solutions

Computerization and the implementation of recent communication systems have changed the way companies are approaching their CRM strategies. With the big bang of information technology across the world, especially the proliferation of self-service and self-catered ones, there is a great change in the whole process of CRM solutions. The most suitable examples are the World Wide Web, WAP phones and telecommunications, which have converted the very essence of customer communication and service into electronic form.

So the companies are looking for ways to personalize online experiences (a process also referred to as mass customization) through tools such as help-desk software, e-mail organizers and even call center solutions. To put it simply, CRM call canter solutions are the part of an organization that handles inbound a well as outbound communications with customers.

The primary job and function for the CRM call centers is to take care of all the requirements and complaints of the customers, in order to give customers the right and the freedom to express their views. CRM call centers also take care of services like the help desk, customer support, lead generation, emergency response, telephone answering service, inbound response as well as outbound telemarketing.

But the call-center executives are the ones who have to interact with customers through their speeches, mannerisms, accents and patience. Therefore, it becomes quite obvious that recruiting the call center executives or simply CRM telecallers have to be done with great care. CRM call center operations are mostly done through computer automation. They can really boost any sort of business as they have the capacity to handle a considerable volume of calls at the same time, thereby giving a good solution for CRM strategies. Usually, calls are forwarded to someone qualified enough to handle them, and to log calls.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mobile CRM 101 ? The Basics

Mobile CRM is emerging into the mainstream as an excellent method of relaying information between marketing and sales personnel. Busy sales and marketing professionals on the road can now communicate quickly and effectively through mobile CRM. Mobile CRM refers to the use of a mobile device to conduct any CRM related activities, including mobile phones, PDAs, and laptop computers.

Previous to mobile CRM, sales professionals were limited in the ways they could transfer and access information. This often meant less access to updated information, more leads going cold, and a less effective work methodology. Luckily, the tables have turned and people are getting connected in new, completely unique ways that allow for such applications as mobile CRM. Here are some of the major capabilities of mobile CRM and its most important components:

Remote Access
This allows users to access data such as contacts, leads, and other information remotely from a mobile device wherever they're at. This concept is new to CRM and is gradually forming an integral part of the CRM system.

Total Customization
Businesses can show users the information they need to see any way they want. This allows mobile professionals to manage many tasks and activities far easier than before, and exchange instant, updated information to help the smooth flow of leads down the pipeline. This also allows companies to standardize mobile CRM devices if they so choose. Since many companies already offer perks like company laptops and cell phones, this is just one way they have the ability to create the system they want. The application software also allows a company to set up its mobile CRM system in the way that works best for the company.

Disconnected Access and CRM Management Over the Air
Even if a user isn't dialed in or online, they still have instant access to information. Thus, if their computer connection dies or they lose their phone, they have other options for getting information, ensuring they get their job done. Likewise, a user can get all the information they need via phone; this ensures that users never need to plug in to access administrative data.

Centralized System
This allows all the necessary information to be in one place at the same time, enabling a company to manage users, devices, and other applications from a single location. A central management system allows a company further reach and control over its employees and its customers. This in turn decreases wasted time and man hours, allowing for a stronger, more efficient system for generating and converting leads and sales. .

Since most mobile CRM systems are internet based applications, the time involved in getting data is miniscule and has severely cut down on the time it takes to get data. The central system furthers this goal, and is usually created around an internet application available to all authorized personnel. This might mean that each user gets an account and a password with which they access the database from their phone, laptop, or other mobile device. is the world's first on-demand application service and a giant in the field of CRM. With over 24,000 customers, over 500,000 subscribers, and a 97% customer satisfaction rate, continues to lead their field. To find out more about them, please visit

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