Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mobile CRM 101 - The Basics

Mobile CRM is emerging into the mainstream as an excellent method of relaying information between marketing and sales personnel. Busy sales and marketing professionals on the road can now communicate quickly and effectively through mobile CRM. Mobile CRM refers to the use of a mobile device to conduct any CRM related activities, including mobile phones, PDAs, and laptop computers.

Previous to mobile CRM, sales professionals were limited in the ways they could transfer and access information. This often meant less access to updated information, more leads going cold, and a less effective work methodology. Luckily, the tables have turned and people are getting connected in new, completely unique ways that allow for such applications as mobile CRM. Here are some of the major capabilities of mobile CRM and its most important components:

Remote Access This allows users to access data such as contacts, leads, and other information remotely from a mobile device wherever they're at. This concept is new to CRM and is gradually forming an integral part of the CRM system.

Total Customization Businesses can show users the information they need to see any way they want. This allows mobile professionals to manage many tasks and activities far easier than before, and exchange instant, updated information to help the smooth flow of leads down the pipeline. This also allows companies to standardize mobile CRM devices if they so choose. Since many companies already offer perks like company laptops and cell phones, this is just one way they have the ability to create the system they want. The application software also allows a company to set up its mobile CRM system in the way that works best for the company.

Disconnected Access and CRM Management Over the Air Even if a user isn't dialed in or online, they still have instant access to information. Thus, if their computer connection dies or they lose their phone, they have other options for getting information, ensuring they get their job done. Likewise, a user can get all the information they need via phone; this ensures that users never need to plug in to access administrative data.

Centralized System This allows all the necessary information to be in one place at the same time, enabling a company to manage users, devices, and other applications from a single location. A central management system allows a company further reach and control over its employees and its customers. This in turn decreases wasted time and man hours, allowing for a stronger, more efficient system for generating and converting leads and sales. .

Since most mobile CRM systems are internet based applications, the time involved in getting data is miniscule and has severely cut down on the time it takes to get data. The central system furthers this goal, and is usually created around an internet application available to all authorized personnel. This might mean that each user gets an account and a password with which they access the database from their phone, laptop, or other mobile device. is the world's first on-demand application service and a giant in the field of CRM. With over 24,000 customers, over 500,000 subscribers, and a 97% customer satisfaction rate, continues to lead their field. To find out more about them, please visit

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Your Company Should Consider Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM is on the rise in the world of CRM and demand is growing as companies and employees are demanding access to crucial information in real time. Allowing for a more versatile, mobile workforce and faster access to information, mobile CRM is here to stay. Here are the top ten reasons your company should consider implementing a mobile CRM system.

Faster access to data
Sales professionals can access data in real-time, so it is always the most current, up-to-date information available. If you need to know about a client or lead, you can find what you need to know immediately via phone, laptop, PDA, or other mobile device.

Central data center
A central data center allows you to access all the information all the time. No one person has longer access to a file or case; you can look at it simultaneously without slowing anything down. And if a client id shifted to you suddenly, you have access to all their information in a matter of minutes. Thus, mobile CRM is an extremely effective, efficient ancillary to your normal CRM system.

Leads stay hot and glide down the pipeline
Leads don't get cold because there will always be someone to pick up the slack. Mobile CRM also makes it easier to ensure the lead gets nudged down the pipeline gently but effectively and ends up in the correct place.

Access to critical information anytime, anywhere
Mobile CRM allows you to access information in the central database from anywhere in the world at any time, provided you have access to a mobile device that works.

Easy to use
Mobile CRM is amazingly easy to use and takes much of the stress off of professional sales people. It allows them to stay in touch and get new updates.

Ideal for travel
Mobile CRM is especially conducive to sales professionals who travel a large part of the time. Because you can use any mobile device, traveling isn't difficult, and it's far less stressful. If you suddenly remember something you have to find or look up, forget a client's information, or any other number of scenarios, mobile CRM can be the way you solve the problem.

Usable online and offline
Mobile CRM can be used online and offline. If the internet doesn't work or the connection has failed, you can get on your mobile device; if you lose your phone but have your laptop or PDA, you're covered. Thus it provides an almost fail safe way to get the information you need, when you want it.

Competitive advantage
Mobile CRM offers a competitive advantage because it offers a way to reach more customers than just using a traditional CRM system. It is quickly growing to be one of the de facto methods of CRM outside of the workplace.

Reasonably priced
Once priced ridiculously high, mobile CRM systems are now more reasonably priced, and this has added to their growth in popularity.

Allows for a highly mobile work force
Professionals are no longer confined to the office; they can leave for an appointment or business trip and still remain totally connected to the workplace and their clients. is the world's first on-demand application service and a giant in the field of CRM. With over 24,000 customers, over 500,000 subscribers, and a 97% customer satisfaction rate, continues to lead their field. To find out more about them, please visit .

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Generating Online CRM Software Sales Leads

If you are a salesperson selling customer relationship management (CRM) software a good place to start for generating online sales leads is on pay-per-click (PPC) ads on internet search engines. This is a step-by-step guide to generating CRM leads via the internet.

  1. To start a PPC campaign to generate CRM sales leads on internet search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo, first make a list of keywords that you think people that are looking for when searching for CRM software are searching for online. A sample list of keywords is available below.
  2. Sign up for PPC ads and register your chosen keywords. The most popular PPC system is Google?s AdWords program.
  3. What happens is every time someone searches your chosen keyword, a link to your website will be shown alongside the "sponsored results" section of the search results. You pay a small fee for every time someone clicks on your link and is taken to your website. The fee is small compared to the revenue you can generate from the sales lead.
Of course for you to generate CRM leads online via PPC you will need to have a website to capture the lead. If you don?t already have a website you will have to create one first.

The following is a list of sample CRM keywords that you can use in your PPC campaign:

  • Microsoft CRM software
  • CRM sales solution
  • Free online CRM
  • Customer relationship management implementation
  • Small business CRM software
  • Saleslogix CRM
  • Siebel customer relationship management
  • Open source CRM
  • CRM tools and resources
  • CRM sales leads
  • Automotive CRM software

If you sell CRM visit Tino Buntic's website, TradePals, to receive free sales leads without cold calling, including CRM leads. TradePals is a B2B and B2C directory of business professionals and entrepreneurs across North America, providing qualified leads to its members.

Tino recommends Jim Berkowitz's CRM Mastery Blog, providing commentary on CRM best practices and industry news.

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CRM Software Solutions

Management is a key concept in today?s world. Whether it is business, health care or looking after customers, management and its various kinds of ethos can bring about a major change in the whole process of business, in terms of its returns. CRM, an abbreviation for the term ?customer relationship management?, is a major concept to all the leading corporate sectors, including big and small firms. Customers and clients are the most important factor in any kind of business.

Therefore, taking care of customers or clients has been a major area of concern ? the more the customers and clients are happy, the more products and services they will buy. However, CRM entails all aspects of interaction a company has with its customers, no matter whether the relationship involves sales or services. CRM software helps businesses manage sales, marketing, service, and support information.

These tools are ideal in covering the sales force automation, marketing automation, analysis, data processing and custom applications. In order to manage a good relationship with the customer, a business concern should be aware of customer information by collecting and analyzing it. The work of the CRM software solutions is to make it approachable and accessible to the other business employees, and to convert this data into products that might be of great use to customers.

The software is used to organize, scrutinize and interpret the collected data. Most of the software solutions are user-friendly, compatible for both large and small business firms. Web-based CRM software has come of age to provide online support to the companies in handling their customers. Most CRM software provides turnkey solutions and is available as package tools.

CRM Solutions provides detailed information on CRM Solutions, CRM Business Solutions, CRM Call Center Solutions, CRM Software Solutions and more. CRM Solutions is affliated with Live Customer Support.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Web Based CRM Solutions

CRM solutions are business strategies that assist in building a healthy relationship with customers. They have become a milestone in the marketing strategies of modern business organizations. Earlier, CRM solutions had been based on client-server architecture. A few draw backs of the client-server model CRM solutions led to the development of web based CRM solutions. Web based CRM solutions are business strategies intended mainly for e-commerce.

As the World Wide Web serves as the platform in web based CRM solutions, the software need be installed on a single server. The installed software can be accessed from any remote location, and any change made in the software will be reflected throughout the system. The client-server model CRM solutions do not support remote access or wireless devices. But, web based CRM solutions have facilities to access wireless devices like PDAs and WAP-enabled mobile phones.

In a web based CRM solution, only the central server has to be maintained. Thus, web based CRM solutions are very cost effective. When compared with client-server CRM solutions, web based CRM solutions are more flexible and easy to maintain. As the web based CRM solutions are based on Web, they can be distributed faster than the conventional CRM solutions and client-server CRM solutions. Also, adding of new clients in a web based CRM solution is very easy. The number of users in web based CRM solution is unlimited.

Netgain, Upshot, SAP, Clarify, ONYX, Trilogy, Oracle, Siebel Systems, and Firstwave Technologies, Inc. are some of the leading vendors in the web based CRM solutions.

CRM Solutions provides detailed information on CRM Solutions, CRM Business Solutions, CRM Call Center Solutions, CRM Software Solutions and more. CRM Solutions is affiliated with Live Customer Support.

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