Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why Small Businesses Choose CRM As A Service?

In order compete and survive in today?s business market the young business must be able to leverage more than just its human capital to contend with bigger brands. In today?s volatile business environment big corporations can quickly swallow the little guys market whole. The importance of attracting and retaining customers has never been more significant. As a result, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions have morphed into an internet based service to provide their customers with greater accessibility and versatility to battle their brand at a level beyond their current means.

CRM software solutions are every where you look on the web and they come in all models and offerings, however, the model of choice for small businesses has been, and continues to be, the internet based application. The hosted internet model, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), caters to the small business in so many ways that it leaves buyers/users with few reasons to look elsewhere for a CRM solution.

Running a small business requires one to wear multiple hats and manage all facets of the operation. As a result small business owners turn to the versatility of the SaaS model to facilitate their multitasking needs. From marketing automation and sales management to customer service and support, the standard entry level on demand CRM solutions such as http://Salesboom.com offer a simple and intuitive platform to manage ones customer relations. Also, the SaaS model ensures fewer computer and IT headaches, no up front costs, and access to the latest CRM technology, as the whole solution is managed and maintained by the provider. This affords the small business owner and employees greater time to really focus on the goal at hand.

Furthermore the SaaS model offers the end user greater flexibility of business management as they can access their customer info from any where with an internet connection. This enables on demand CRM users to work with their customers on more than one clock, with customer support features that can automate case routing and escalation, users are able to service customer needs around the clock. In addition, CRM as a service improves employee collaboration as customer information and employee activity is recorded and maintained in real time.

SaaS for the small business market is clearly more than just a business trend with CRM revenues expected to eclipse 12 billion by year?s end 2007. What we are witnessing here is a full out transformation of the way businesses are managed today and in the future. Gone will be the in house systems and IT teams of today, replaced by entirely supported software systems hosted by the vendor and integrated in any manner to meet specific customer needs. SaaS is the beginning of what will likely be the biggest change to business development and standards since the industrial revolution.

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