Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How A Holistic CRM Solution Will Increase Overall Business Performance

Born out of the high priced custom built CRM and ERP solutions of Oracle, Siebel and SAP, on demand CRM solutions built on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model are beginning to incorporate more than just customer relationship management. This newly developing multifunctional on demand solution is widely perceived by many to be part of the evolutionary process of the SaaS model, and a direct result of customer desire to have an all in one solution, without heavy integration and customization.

Holistic CRM is the future of the SaaS model, while some CRM vendors have elected to support niche markets, the bigger more robust CRM vendors of today are positioning themselves to provide their customers with one final solution. From front office to back office, on demand CRM vendors are revolutionizing the way we do business today and for generations to come.

By taking this holistic approach to on demand business management, current CRM providers such as Salesboom Inc. are opening their doors to a larger customer base, as well as providing their current customers with the tools to meet their growing business needs. Furthermore, the holistic CRM approach will improve your company?s customer reach, and enable greater collaboration between employees to meet the diverse needs of customers.

The out and out benefits of this evolution will not only include greater capabilities, but also increased efficiency and collaboration on all fronts. Your organization will also stand to benefit from greater accessibility to pertinent customer information and history from all areas in order to deal accurately and prudently with new requests/concerns. In addition, the holistic CRM will also remove the cost and need for integration with other stand alone in house systems, ensuring that all your employees/users are focused on doing business rather than supporting it.

Having this fully integrated system will provide your workforce with the tools to manage your business more effectively and give you access and clarity into all facets of your organization in real time. While many are content with present on demand CRM solutions, the potential for rapid business growth could leave them looking for a new CRM solution in less than a year.

The evolution of the holistic CRM solution is inevitable, with a few industry leaders already having laid the foundation to fully integrate their front office CRM features such as Marketing, Sales and Customers support, with back office Enterprise Resource Planning and Human Resource Management tools. This hybrid software as a service solution is set to absorb the unilateral CRM solutions we have grown accustomed to seeing today.

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