Thursday, March 12, 2009

The New and Improved Microsoft CRM 3.0

Microsoft CRM (customer relationship management) was created in order to assure the proper management of your company's budget and to support the needs and requirements of your business. By using Microsoft CRM, you will be able to analyze the competitors' performances and to evaluate the trends, using reporting tools. But Microsoft CRM 's main purpose is to support and adjust the needs of the mid-market businesses and to deliver superior customer service. All employees who work directly with customers can get all the information they need by using Microsoft CRM, in order for the cooperation process to be successful and the customers to be surprised of the efficiency of the services they receive.

A big advantage of Microsoft CRM is that it gives users the ability to work offline, using Microsoft Outlook, which belongs to the CRM's support of data. Microsoft CRM can support not only Microsoft Outlook, but Microsoft Business Solutions for Financial Management as well, which is another inspired program that has the abilities of overcoming high business problems in order to maintain the company's most valuable data.

Microsoft CRM 3.0 represents the newest version of the software and has many new and improved features such as new marketing facilities, response and campaign management. A new thing from Microsoft, CRM 3.0 features a service-oriented architecture and includes a description language web service for core CRM functions. A new upgrade has been introduced in this release of Microsoft CRM 3.0, the workflow engine.

Nevertheless, Microsoft Outlook has very well elaborated features in combination with Microsoft CRM 3.0. Microsoft Outlook has a sophisticated basis, users being able to use Microsoft CRM 3.0 from the Outlook menu as well, the two programs cooperating together as if they were one.

In CRM 3.0 the marketing module offers users new features such as list-building tools in order to create target groups. Thus, the users will be able to plan and monitor campaigns much easier. Furthermore, Microsoft CRM 3.0 has an improvement in the licensing area as well. Now you can very well use the Customer Service and the Marketing module as a part of the Microsoft CRM 3.0, which in the previous release could not have been possible without further taxes.

Overall, Microsoft CRM 3.0 is a tool that will bring your company guaranteed success. You will obtain much better profits using this ultimate version instead of the old ones. Users will be satisfied of its new and improved features and will also use this excellent tool in common interest.

Access to expert information on implementing and integrating Microsoft CRM 3.0 with existing enterprise systems can be found in the Microsoft Practice area of

Shannon Margolis
IT Marketing Coordinator

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