Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Microsoft Dynamic CRM And Automatic Processes

Microsoft Dynamic CRM software puts many sales, marketing, and customer service processes on virtual autopilot, freeing up much more time and energy for the sales and marketing forces in your company to focus on what they need to do to open and close more sales for more money for your company. Telephone sales certainly get super-streamlined by the Microsoft Dynamic CRM, because all of the things that typically distract an agent from being on the telephone or cut into her telephone time are minimized or vaporized altogether. The automated processes that are set up and facilitated by Microsoft CRM are symbolic of a series of repetitive sales and marketing activities that, while vitally necessary, have typically fallen all too easily through the fissures.

There is a wide array of ?mundane? activities that the automated processes take care of. These include following up with ?uninterested? prospects, contacting clients who have a record of buying at strategic, well-time intervals in order to keep your company in front of their face, getting more out of ?underachieving? customers, and maintaining precise, detailed records on every call, even a call that resulted in a ?no one answered? note. In short the Microsoft Dynamic CRM acts like a virtual administrative assistant and a virtual sales assistant. A single sales or marketing rep now becomes three or four people all merged into one.

One of the most powerful of all of the Microsoft CRM automated features has to do with the sending of email. Instantaneous emailing of pertinent and up-to-the-minute information that a client or prospect should know about is merely a click of the mouse away. Another benefit of this capability is that one gets extremely effective and accurate targeted marketing. Every last drop of the stored information in the CRM database can be converted into targeted groups of prospects or clients or a mixture of the two. These groups can be set up for all kinds of parameters, from demographics to type of industry to kinds of products bought and used and even beyond. Inside sales forces can aim targeted communications at any one of these groups at any time. Furthermore, follow up telephone calls can be immediately schedule for the salesmen, and the calendar set to pop up and ?ding? on the day, even if it was months away at the time of setting, when the rep needs to make the call. Field sales rep also benefit from Microsoft Dynamic CRM. It?s equipped with synchronized remote abilities and direct access to a Net connection when a salesman is in the field. They can be much more focused, organized, and discerning in who they should stop to see and for what purpose.

Sayed Ally, is the lead CRM Analyst. His company provides,Microsoft CRM. Sayed can be reached at Tel : (905) 815- 1995 ext 22, email: aSayed@cqsolutions.com.

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Microsoft Dynamic CRM And Sales Magic

When you begin using Microsoft Dynamic CRM software in conjunction with effective telephoning, you are tapping into a powerful magic for making sales. With the sales force automation capabilities of Microsoft CRM, your telephone calls become more precise, more targeted, and more rapidly dialed. You also get more cost-effective client servicing.

Traditionally, telephone sales have been one of lowest-cost ways for businesses to contact new prospects and get repeat sales from existing clients. However, there were a lot of inefficiencies involved. Telephone calling programs now have gone to another level thanks to Microsoft CRM which allows for deeper client penetration and stronger prospect conversion. The CRM software greatly enhances the strategic effectiveness in all segments of contacts, from leads to prospects to clients to repeat buyers, by providing an unprecedented amount of data with precision alongside automatic sales and marketing processes.

Especially if you are a smaller business, you simply don?t have the profit margin or the sales potential to be effectively compensated by field sales forces. In the field, the cost of a single sales call is quite high, as any business owner knows all too well. Consider commuting time back and forth between the office and the place of a prospect or customer. Think about time spent just having to wait around in a lobby of someone?s office, and time spent in office meetings of 20 or 30 minutes. The lost hours of production time add up quickly and get piled high, resulting in jaw-dropping losses to the company.

On the other hand, an inside or telephone salesman can talk to at least 50 or so prospects or clients per day, and might be able to handle 1000 clients on his own. The cost of making a sale goes way down while at once the volume of people talked to in a given time goes way up, and the high percentage of new sales or closes needed by the field agent is no longer a worry. Telephone sales have it all over field sales when it comes to economies of scale.

With Microsoft Dynamic CRM software, the power of the telephone at least doubles. The software stores huge amounts of data on every contact that can be retrieved at a moment?s notice while the salesman is still listening to the telephone ringing on the other end. A salesman can effortlessly call up and find the most relevant data that he needs on the spot while talking to the client or prospect, thereby assuring that he sounds professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and like a good listener instead of just a talker. Microsoft Dynamic CRM makes the telephone sell so much more.

Sayed Ally, is the lead CRM Analyst. His company provides, Microsoft CRM Software. Sayed can be reached at Tel : (905) 815- 1995 ext 22, email: aSayed@cqsolutions.com.

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Ms Crm 3.0

Microsoft's Dynamic CRM 3.0 works the way that CRM technology should work. It can easily become integrated with your staff's existing software and business tools. It also readily adapts to your business' present workflow and methods of operation. Your IT manager can easily and fluidly modify data fields, application forms, and records of relationships while adding new objects and activities without the need for writing any code at all, thus making it very easy to tailor MS CRM 3.0 to the specific needs of your business. Automatic task assignment and next-step suggesting are included in the program, making managing your workload that much easier.

There is a marketing automation module with the software. This makes it even easier to put together lead lists and customer lists, put together target-market campaigns, and track those campaigns' progress while at once following up on them. Along these same lines, there is a quick campaign wizard that allows your salesmen and marketing department to send out blast e-mails quickly and almost without effort to lists of targets and then track the results. There is a service scheduling capability that permits you to centrally oversee every aspect of a service call from dispatching and logging to following up and tracking.

The customization features of MS CRM 3.0 are fantastic. You can add customized activities and objects, thereby building the logic of your business into the program while at once being able to design customized views for different users of the program. With MS CRM 3.0, you can automate routine tasks, tell the users the next steps to take, make sure scheduled e-mail messages are sent on time, and give alarms for tasks that have been set previously. Nothing falls by the wayside. Your clientele will feel the difference and your referrals and repeat business will increase.

MS CRM 3.0 features flexible reporting that permits the managers to easily and readily monitor how the business or individual accounts are really doing. CRM data can easily be transferred into MS Exel for detailed organization and analysis or into MS SharePoint Portal Server for collaboration on documents concerning clients or for new executive dashboard creation.

The software is easy to learn and master. You can be assured of a fast and inexpensive deployment, inexpensive tech support, and scalability to march in time with the growth of your business. You'll find that once you start using the software, you aren't sure how you ever managed without it.

Sayed Ally, is the lead CRM Analyst. His company provides, Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Sayed can be reached at Tel : (905) 815- 1995 ext 22, email: aSayed@cqsolutions.com.

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What Is Microsoft CRM?

MS CRM, otherwise known as Microsoft Dynamic CRM software, is a technological tool for customer relationship management?hence the CRM. This Microsoft software gives you the tools and the capabilities that you need in order to easily create and fluidly maintain a clear window on each one of your clients and active prospects, beginning right from the start with your initial contact and following through all the way to the close and the post-close activity, including new sales pitches. Microsoft Dynamic CRM programs have modules for customer service, marketing, and sales efforts.

The software is flexible, fast, and affordable. It will help you along with every aspect of your sales and marketing efforts and is a streamlined, almost effortless approach to database management. You will enjoy closer relationships with your clients as you glean all of their pertinent information at a glance while you are on the telephone with them or writing them an email. Your clients will sense your unique personal touch and know that they have their own special place with your company; they are not just a number, but instead they are someone that you truly desire to serve.

Even if your company is very complex with its marketing and selling and runs at breakneck speed day in and day out, Microsoft Dynamic CRM software still makes things more organized and easy to use. A lot of research has gone into developing the most intuitive and simple features and tools for you to use to maintain client and prospect contact that is accurate with regards to the information about those that you are selling to.

With Microsoft Dynamic CRM, you can easily add customer relationship management capabilities to your existing Microsoft Outlook Office Suite. Designed to be used in conjunction with Outlook, Microsoft?s CRM has minimal training costs and a fast ROI. It also gives you broader ranges of usage than you would otherwise have, less need to switch back and forth between applications, and a higher degree of productivity than you are getting from Outlook alone or from separate CRM software.

Microsoft?s Dynamic CRM greatly streamlines and thus makes faster your entire workday as a sales person or marketing agent, or even an administrative assistant. It is also very effective for sales and marketing managers, for they can quickly go in and review the collected data on individual accounts including notes and transcripts of sales efforts or client contacts. Those mundane database management things that once took up so much time now can get done faster and done right, giving you more time for really doing business.

Sayed Ally, is the lead CRM Analyst. His company provides, MS CRM. Sayed can be reached at Tel : (905) 815- 1995 ext 22, email: aSayed@cqsolutions.com.

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Spend Less Time On Your Database And More Time Selling With Act!crm

Act! CRM software is the favorite CRM of many business owners and salesmen. Act CRM software has Premium and Workgroup features that allow for easy setup of centralized administration of your sales and marketing activities for larger businesses and corporations.

The program allows for easy maintenance of the database as new data comes in, both for individual and for teams and workgroups. The systems admins can use the teams function to quickly and easily give access to data according to teams or groups. Furthermore, you can look up contacts based on which of your teams, groups, or individual users are working with them. There are features such as automatic database backup, automatic database synchronization, and automatic database maintenance. These features make it so that vital information about your clients and prospects never falls through the cracks or gets neglected. All that a remote user needs to do is make sure that their computer is turned on at the specific time of day when the backups, synchronizations, and database health maintenance actions take place.

You can also know that with Act CRM software, you have a very secure system. You can manage your system's security by contact, by user, or by field. Each one can have up to five security levels to permit access to data based on user need and user level. Contact data can be tagged as either Public or Private and can also be limited based on teams or groups as well as individuals. Field Level Security can also be chosen. This permits administrators to restrict access to certain fields of information. You can also give read-only access to teams, groups, and individuals so that they can view the data but cannot add or edit. You choose how much access, if any at all, to give to every group, team, and individual.

Act! CRM software lets you make customized views and operations in the program across the entire business. At once, once you have done this, individuals can still customize their own look and layout for maximizing their own efficiency based on their needs and personality. You can customize the way teams, groups, or individuals are to follow your tailored sales process to ensure that you know exactly what procedures are being followed with sales and marketing efforts and be able to more accurately track their efficacy.

When tracking the sales and marketing efforts, you can track products and services based on each opportunity, while at once costs for every product and service including discounts. You also have the ability to generate quotes on the spot without having to enter any more data. The follow-up alarms that the system has are a superior tool for keeping the sales pipeline flowing on every account.

Sayed Ally, is the lead CRM Analyst. His company provides, ACT! Software Training. Sayed can be reached at Tel : (905) 815- 1995 ext 22, email: aSayed@cqsolutions.com.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Solid Success Through ACT CRM Software

Before ACT!, a division of a Canadian printing company experienced a typical response rate of 5% or less in their direct mail campaigns (data from Direct Marketing Association or DMA). After fully integrating ACT! CRM (customer relationship management) software into their business, their direct mailing campaign response rate rose, not only by 10, 20 or 50%, but to a whopping 74%! Not only did this increased response do well for the bottom line, but it also garnered a DMA 2006 International ECHO Award for the company. This just goes to show the power of being able to create a targeted campaign with specific products for specific customers. ACT! software made it possible for this company division to re-organize their customer care focus in a more detailed manner.

According to a VP, it was not possible for them to generate targeted lists in so very short a time and with very high levels of precision. With the addition of ACT! CRM to their system, they were able to do all of it in one single day.

Prior to installing ACT! CRM in their system, the company suffered through inconsistency and lead tracking methods. In addition, customer information files had no hub or centralized location. They agonized over the amount of time wasted searching for files from different departments. The entry of ACT! provided a solution for all of these problems by standardizing marketing and sales methods and providing a central database where all files are stored and organized. Today, their concerned employees have access to the central database to use for quick referencing customer information sheets. The need to run around from one department to another has been eliminated. This gave the company the benefits of efficiency and increased productivity.

The level of success that ACT! gave them has prompted other divisions of their company to look into acquiring the same CRM technology currently in use by this one single division. ACT! software provided a solution that gave them the necessary push to move ahead of other divisions in terms of sales performance.

To fully utilize the benefits that they received from ACT!, additional ACT! add-on software was installed to provide them with automated email marketing and response tracking capabilities. They got all of these benefits by integrating Swiftpage with their current ACT! CRM system.

The beauty of ACT! software lies in it?s compatibility with Outlook, Palm OS and other handheld devices. This compatibility eventually evolved into remote interconnectivity where field personnel with the right equipment are able to access the central ACT! database. This assistance that this system provides sales personnel on call is priceless. Just before knocking on the client?s door, a sales person may extract the client?s information from the database in order to come up with a definitive strategy that will entice the client to buy.

There is a lot more to ACT! than what is written here. Of all that is written though, one thing cannot be denied. Utilizing ACT! software helped a company rise from the doldrums, all the way to the pinnacle, in just a few short days.

Sayed Ally, is the lead CRM Analyst. His company provides, ACT! Software. Sayed can be reached at Tel : (905) 815- 1995 ext 22, email: aSayed@cqsolutions.com.

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ACT! Crm Software

Act! CRM software is a magnificent tool for streamlining, speeding up, and making more accurate your daily business tasks while at once taking your sales and marketing efforts to another level.

Finding and contacting new prospects is made easy with Act! CRM software. You can import targeted lists right into the system and have all the relevant contact data right at your fingertips as you place calls, send emails, and so on and so forth. You can easily update the record with every contact or contact attempt made, either incoming or outgoing, until a case is closed or a sale is made. Sending product information, quotes, and proposals is also made into a seamless and integral process. After a prospect becomes a client, scheduling follow up calls, service calls, cross-selling contacts, and new product offerings is made easy and effortless. Act! CRM software installs easily and is bug-free.

The software is easy to use and intuitive to pick up on. Act! CRM software acts as a one-stop, centralized repository of all of your vital and most important client and prospect information, such as highly detailed prospect and client contact information, to-dos, scheduled activities, copies of documents sent, emails sent and received, conversation records, and reports. With Act! CRM's Opportunity Manager feature, your salesmen and managers can always know precisely what position they are in with regards to each individual prospect and client. The sales opportunities can be seen from an all inclusive overview perspective or you can utilized Act labels to get more specific. These include Users, Estimated Close, Date, Status, Sales Stage, Amount, and Probability of Close. You can track all sales and buying motion activities and opportunities from the point of first contact through to the close and you can customize a sales process that is just right for your business. A salesman can customize a sales approach that is just right for his own personality, too. Act is also easy to integrate with your MS Office Suite.

Salesmen seem to love Act!. Act CRM software includes a lot of vital components for corporate work groups including security of data, centralized overseeing, and flexible methods for deployment, while at once remaining very easy and user-friendly to operate. Your sales force does not want to have to learn complicated tools. Those people already have enough on their minds! Act! CRM software makes the salesman's job easier and helps him take care of niggling little details faster and easier with more accuracy. What this means for you is more efficiency and productivity concerning your sales and marketing efforts.

Sayed Ally, is the lead CRM Analyst. His company provides,GoldMine CRM. Sayed can be reached at Tel : (905) 815- 1995 ext 22, email:aSayed@cqsolutions.com.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Goldmine CRM

Goldmine CRM 7.0 software lets you take your sales, and thus your profits, to another level through team-oriented features. Right out of the box without any hassle, Goldmine CRM software is ready to let you reach far beyond the usual contact management systems at a low cost compared to CRM consultant or complicated, burdensome systems.

The latest Goldmine CRM software, which is 7.0, is even more chock full of exciting and easy to use features for the viewing of outside data sources, add-ons for already existing data bases, and smooth integrations into other FrontRange Solutions products that you might be using. FrontRange Solutions is the maker of Goldmine CRM software. New workflow solutions make daily tasks easier and faster to get done. Setting appointments, making follow up phone calls, sending out thank you messages, and a host of other daily routines get done fare more efficiently and accurately with Goldmine CRM software. The latest version has a new Active X Data Object architecture feature in its database so that you can have faster data processing and more stability while on the go or for remote users, which is highly important to today's more than ever mobile and telecommuting workforce.

The new version of Goldmine CRM software features broader integration with your external systems like your websites, back-office systems, additional databases, and your FrontRange IP Contact Center. They have upgraded the workflow tools so that you can have even greater efficiency and productivity while at once it is very easy to integrated these new tools with your already existing tools.

There are many things that Goldmine CRM software can provide you with. You can do history tracking, for one thing. This gives you the ability to have instant views into all client interactions records. You also have what Goldmine calls Opportunity Management. With this feature, you can readily view the status and situation about all pending sales and potential profits that you have in your pipeline. You can also use the web importation feature to capture into your database every prospect that comes to your website and then instantly and accurately follow up to increase conversion ratios. You can utilize the SFA, or Sales Force Automation feature, to maintain constant prospect and client communications and make it precisely targeted. Goldmine CRM software's InfoCenter seamlessly centralizes and simplifies your access to the vital business information that you need and puts it all right at your fingertips. Goldmine CRM software also provides you with free industry-specific templates to suit your particular business needs and communications modes.

This is very useful software for your business and can definitely help to make you more profitable.

Sayed Ally, is the lead CRM Analyst. His company provides, GoldMine Training. Sayed can be reached at Tel : (905) 815- 1995 ext 22, email: aSayed@cqsolutions.com.

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Microsoft CRM Implementation fundamental CRM principles revision

Microsoft CRM is relatively new player on the now becoming traditional CRM software applications market. We would like just to mention shift in the technical conception Microsoft CRM is committed to Windows and Microsoft components: Exchange, Active Directory, SQL Server, etc (while traditional CRM applications, such as Siebel were biased toward multiplatform compatibility: Unix, Oracle, Windows, SQL Server) and move up to business logic paradigm shift.

There is high-tech wisdom and it is always applicable to traditional industries, such as auto makers. Dont try to be too innovative on the market, rather have your competitors build the market niche and then move in. It is rather safe not to purchase the car of the new line, just introduced this year, even if it comes from such a respectable manufacturer as Toyota. The same in software industry we have unlimited trust and greatest respect to such CRM makers as Seibel but I guess we have to admit companies like this had to be pioneers on the market and had to create the market, being a little bit premature, however savvy in the long term market prediction..

Microsoft seems to be allowing the enthusiasts to create the market niche and then move in with its own or purchased and beefed up solution. In the case of MS CRM it seems to be from ground up MS development and very excellent fit to Microsoft Business Solutions business strategy.

Microsoft CRM application conception in our opinion was substantial simplification in CRM functionality and making IT group to support it, by deploying all the recent Microsoft technologies.

Bullets to emphasize:

  1. Microsoft CRM is for MCSE / Microsoft oriented IT departments Microsoft CRM would be be-loved system for IT specialists. If you are MCSE+I - CRM will recruit all your MS Exchange, Active Directory, MS SQL Server, Windows domain security, Windows 2003 Server, Web publishing and HTML knowledge and experience. This is completely opposite to earlier Apple Computer believe - that computer systems should be easy in service and completely intuitive. MS CRM is kind of intuitive for end user, but not for its administrator.

  2. Microsoft CRM - is not CRM - but rather simplified CRM - if you do remember old days whitepapers about CRM in general, or even it's predecessor - Lotus Notes/Domino - these papers were full of predictions about the future and were written for top level company executives, not for regular computer specialists. This was probably why so high percentage of CRM sales failed in implementations. Microsoft CRM has the highest ever rate of successful implementations, because it is not a CRM, but rather popularized version of it - it just does the job - as cheap and reliable car.

  3. Transportation Companies - about 30% of our clients in the States are transportation and freight forwarding companies. This actually proves the hypothesis that MS CRM is very simple solution - these companies usually do not have extra money to spend on their computer system, but need the solution for its sales people to instantly see the cargos, plus have simple customization, allowing them to integrate with legacy system.

  4. Movement down to small and tiny companies this is completely new trend for CRM market. We know the examples when 5 employees companies make a decision to implement and have surprising success in Microsoft CRM implementation.

Happy implementing!

Andrew Karasev is Chief Technology Officer in Alba Spectrum Technologies USA nationwide Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Great Plains customization company, serving clients in Chicago, California, Colorado, Texas, New York, Georgia and Florida, Canada, UK, Australia and having locations in multiple states and internationally (www.albaspectrum.com) You can reach Andrew at 1-630-961-5918 or 1-866-528-0577. He is Dexterity, SQL, C#.Net, Crystal Reports and Microsoft CRM SDK developer.


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Monday, April 7, 2008

Microsoft CRM Integration & Customization: Share

MS CRM is very close to document workflow automation, including Microsoft Office documents: Words, Excel, etc. The document workflow was perfectly automated about 10 years ago in Lotus Notes Domino. In this small article we describe the solution based on MS CRM integration with MS SharePoint.

Microsoft CRM is new player on CRM applications market and it is gaining its market share. Having different paradigm in its design (it stakes on Microsoft OS and technologies and completely disregards alternative platform, such as UNIX, Linux, Oracle, etc. based). Microsoft CRM market is very diversified: from small (5 users) to large (several hundred MS CRM User licenses) and it serves variety of industries: Transportation, Logistics, Lawyers, Pension Funds, High-Tech, and many others. Deploying technologies, like Windows Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange 2003/2000, SQL Server, Crystal Reports Enterprise, Biztalk, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Great Plains and Navision in close future - makes CRM a beloved system for Microsoft oriented IT departments.

Let's go right to the topic.

Major issue with storing documents in MS CRM in the form of attachments to Activity is inability to work on these attached files in cooperation with other colleagues, who do not have to use CRM. When several service people serve requests from the same client this is required. Currently you can use alternative way when you store office documents in the folders of your file system and when modifying document, you save it and reattach to CRM. This is inconvenient, because first it requires all your editing users to have CRM licenses, which delays CRM implementation.

We seem increasing popularity of document storage systems, like Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle Files, etc. Such systems, being implemented gives you time savings, related to documents revisions and versioning, approval cycles and workflows, web access through web-portals systems and the like.

The target of our product is Microsoft SharePoint integration with MS CRM for document storage. Let's take a look at the high level technical realization details:

  • Main modification from the MS CRM side is standard system behavior change when you open attachment in Activity. Standard unmodified CRM suggests you to store documents in the file system. Modified version sores document in SharePoint Document Library (the required library is subject for setup by MS CRM system administrator) or keep it in MS CRM as is (for documents of minor importance). From the moment of saving the document in SharePoint Document Library it is not stored in MS CRM CRM will now store only the link/reference to the document. Also you are given the ability to open and modify the document at the place of opening, which speeds up MS CRM user performance substantially.

  • Table, storing the links to the documents sits in separate database and doesn't deal with MS CRM tables (you know that you are banned to do structure changes in MS CRM db)

  • Document saving into MS SharePoint process occurs in MS CRM and with its assistance SharePoint bridge, which does addition and update for the existing document into destination Document Library with MS SharePoint Web Services calls

  • Upon the addition into Document Library, MS CRM SharePoint bridge registers the document in the special table for the future data extraction or notification mechanism registration

  • Then, interested users can work with the documents just using MS Office 2003 or other programs/editing tools, assuming these tools have access to MS SharePoint

  • Feedback is provided by MS SharePoint Event Handler component. This is special handler, inspecting document change status, transferred from MS CRM to document storage (SharePoint), and report Activity owner on the changes with home page notifications (User home page in MS CRM). User in turn can review the history of the document editing - who, when and where is the change

  • Opening Activity, where document is "attached", and in fact placed into MS SharePoint Document Library, and pressing opening button, MS CRM user gets live version of the data

  • This approach allows you seamless work with MS CRM document in the whole informational space of your company

  • Additional enhancements to this product might be document library management directly from MS CRM (web interface - meaning remotely), administrative interface for MS Sharepoint documents revision, ability to create reports on the document storage status, rights/access management (Author, Reader, Contributor etc) from MS CRM, portal pages integration into MS CRM to name a few.

Happy programming, implementation, customization and modification! If you want us to do the job call use 1-630-961-5918, 1-866-528-0577! help@albaspectrum.com

Boris Makushkin is Lead Software Developer in Alba Spectrum Technologies USA nationwide Oracle, Navision, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Great Plains customization company, serving Chicago, California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, Florida, New York, Canada, Australia, UK, Russia, Europe and internationally ( http://www.albaspectrum.com ), he is Oracle, Unix, Microsoft CRM SDK, Navision, C#, VB.Net, SQL developer.


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