Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How To Implement Your Marketing Campaign With Microsoft CRM

So, you have been using Microsoft CRM software to create your activities and plan your tasks for your football-oriented marketing campaign that you will be launching at the start of Autumn. Once these are all in place and well organized, they begin to get done with smooth running. And as this happens, you see your campaign beginning to take on defined shape and form. So, now in your Microsoft CRM program, you turn to the Campaign Performance report application to be able to track the completion status and the progress of the activities and tasks that have been defined as part of the marketing campaign. As this process thickens, you can keep on top of things and remain highly organized with the help of sections that let you accurately track all your targets, dates, responses, definitions, and ROI for this marketing campaign.

After several weeks, you chosen advertising agency has worked with your company to come up with the collateral materials that you need to get out for your campaign. These include a wide array of materials: Posters for city marketing; brochures for retailers; a booth design for you live events; banners for conventions, special outdoor activities, and so on and so forth; branded labels for the same activities; postcards to be sent out to your clients; and a full page ad for the local magazine covering sports. You will now go to your Microsoft CRM and add in each one of these things under Sales Literature. In the Sales area of you Campaign application, you click Sales Literature and then choose New. You can put yourself in as the employee contact for the marketing campaign, and you can set an end date for the distributing of the materials so that they are not used up indiscriminately.

Now Fall is drawing near; the Summer is almost over and the NFL season will soon be underway. Now that your campaign activities and planning tasks are running like well-oiled machines and you are getting things done, you can focus on creating and scheduling your core campaign activities. Let?s say that you decide to: send out postcards about your new product to the ?Repeat Buyers? marketing group that you have created using Microsoft CRM software; send boxes of brochures to your retailers by using the ?My Retailers? group via a mail merge with MS Office Word; send out the full page ad to have the magazine publish it; send an email blast to all of your local clients about forthcoming outdoor activities and conventions; attend the charity event that you scheduled; and do follow up telephone calls to all of the leads generated by the events. You choose in your Campaign Activities application the ?Type? tab and make each of these a type of activity to do to keep them distinguished and individually trackable.

Everything remains organized and focused throughout.

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