Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ms Crm 3.0

Microsoft's Dynamic CRM 3.0 works the way that CRM technology should work. It can easily become integrated with your staff's existing software and business tools. It also readily adapts to your business' present workflow and methods of operation. Your IT manager can easily and fluidly modify data fields, application forms, and records of relationships while adding new objects and activities without the need for writing any code at all, thus making it very easy to tailor MS CRM 3.0 to the specific needs of your business. Automatic task assignment and next-step suggesting are included in the program, making managing your workload that much easier.

There is a marketing automation module with the software. This makes it even easier to put together lead lists and customer lists, put together target-market campaigns, and track those campaigns' progress while at once following up on them. Along these same lines, there is a quick campaign wizard that allows your salesmen and marketing department to send out blast e-mails quickly and almost without effort to lists of targets and then track the results. There is a service scheduling capability that permits you to centrally oversee every aspect of a service call from dispatching and logging to following up and tracking.

The customization features of MS CRM 3.0 are fantastic. You can add customized activities and objects, thereby building the logic of your business into the program while at once being able to design customized views for different users of the program. With MS CRM 3.0, you can automate routine tasks, tell the users the next steps to take, make sure scheduled e-mail messages are sent on time, and give alarms for tasks that have been set previously. Nothing falls by the wayside. Your clientele will feel the difference and your referrals and repeat business will increase.

MS CRM 3.0 features flexible reporting that permits the managers to easily and readily monitor how the business or individual accounts are really doing. CRM data can easily be transferred into MS Exel for detailed organization and analysis or into MS SharePoint Portal Server for collaboration on documents concerning clients or for new executive dashboard creation.

The software is easy to learn and master. You can be assured of a fast and inexpensive deployment, inexpensive tech support, and scalability to march in time with the growth of your business. You'll find that once you start using the software, you aren't sure how you ever managed without it.

Sayed Ally, is the lead CRM Analyst. His company provides, Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Sayed can be reached at Tel : (905) 815- 1995 ext 22, email: aSayed@cqsolutions.com.

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