Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Integrating Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise to CRM Systems

Enterprise CRM provides significant value to organizations. However, without seamless integration to mail and calendaring systems, the CRMs value is never fully achieved. Most CRM vendors recognize this very critical integration and provide out-of-the-box links to Microsoft Outlook. That's great, but what about the users of other mail systems like Lotus Notes and GroupWise? They're usually left to their own where most users try and eventually abandon the tedious cut-and-paste route to transfer data. This very simple inefficiency often leads to lower CRM adoption rates and in the worst case eventual scrapping of the CRM solution.

LinkPoint360 provides simple and quick integration between Lotus Notes and GroupWise and most of the larger CRM products. Our tools eliminate the cutting and pasting and data isolation. End result - you achieve the true value of your CRM investment with higher user adoption rates.

Our solution is simple and very intuitive. Record any email to your CRM for the whole team to see. Transfer your entire calendar, contacts and tasks between systems - automatically. Sometimes, the little things make big differences, especially when large teams are involved.

Email Integration - It's all about sharing the information. Leaving important email locked in your personal mailbox doesn't do your team or organization any good. With a few simple clicks, those important messages can be transferred to the appropriate location in the CRM for the whole team to see, share and act upon.

Data Integration - Both Lotus Notes and GroupWise offer an isolated mode where users can work off-line without a network. Our sync tool transfers your calendar, contacts and tasks automatically to and from the CRM on a regular basis. Now, you'll have a choice to enter any of this data in either your email client or the CRM, knowing that the data will transfer to the other system without effort or issue.

That's what we do - Our business is dedicated to Mail / CRM integration. We currently have 16,000 active users all over the globe. We know the details of the mail and CRM systems and help them speak to each other. We integrate Lotus Notes and GroupWise with any of these CRM products: salesforce.com, Microsoft CRM, SalesLogix, Pivotal CRM, Sage CRM, NetSuite CRM and SugarCRM.

Next Step - Contact us and we'll arrange a short twenty minute webinar that will prove the simplicity and importance of email / CRM integration.

LinkPoint360 64A White Street Red Bank, NJ 07701 Sales: 732-212-8401 sales@linkpoint360.com


Glenn Lehner is the Vice President of Business Development for LinkPoint360, http://www.linkpoint360.com, which provides Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise integration to Enterprise CRM systems. LinkPoint is used by organizations around the globe and is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

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