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ACT Information And Its Customer Relationship Management - Systems

You’ve heard other companies talk about their ACT CRM—or customer relationship management—systems and how their companies have been streamlined by the efficiency and easy-to-use features offered by ACT software. Where do you turn to find more ACT information? The most ACT information is available on This is the main page run by the company that makes ACT, Sage, and is therefore the most likely to provide you with plenty of ACT information.

Sage’s ACT information includes detailed descriptions about the different kinds of ACT products and solutions to common customer relationship management problems. Did you know that you can install ACT software into one self-employed person’s home office computer to make an ACT information database or that you can install it into hundreds of computers in one corporation network, even access the ACT information database from Palm handhelds and other PDAs, making a virtually endless ACT information database network?

Look at Sage’s Web site for more ACT information. What exactly can an ACT information database do for you? It can not only organizes the names, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers of all of your clients and business partners, but it also allows you to keep a record of conversations with, observations of, and meetings with your contacts for a complete ACT information database. Organize your ACT information database with keywords, categories, and subcategories to make searching for clientele who match certain goals of a marketing campaign a matter of a few seconds’ worth of work.

Run entire marketing campaigns through your ACT information database in mere minutes. Use your ACT information database’s features to print out mailing labels and a list of fax machine numbers of your clientele who might be interested in your new service—clientele you were able to find in seconds thanks to your ACT information database. Automatically send e-mails to those clients and even use your ACT information database’s marketing templates, graphics, and plans to create dynamic material to sell your goods.

Sage’s ACT information Web site also claims that their software helps you and your employees keep track of project deadlines, meetings, and other scheduling events with the ACT information database’s calendar feature. See your daily, weekly, and monthly project goals and client follows-ups as well as your work week schedule with your ACT information database—even send automatic e-mails to customers who need responses by a certain date.

Sage says you can use your ACT information database to forecast sales trends at the click of a button. Using all of your ACT information to put together sales reports will save you time and money otherwise spent to mine that information through manual means. Your ACT information database can be compatible with programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, Outlook Express, MapPoint, and Excel; Win Fax; Adobe Acrobat Reader; Eudora; and Lotus Notes. Need any further ACT information? Speak with Sage directly or ask an IT service company in your area.

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